Choose the right perfume for different occasions


You have carefully prepared shoes, coats, and even hairstyles. Why don't you seriously choose a suitable perfume? A bottle of perfume walks around the world? This is not the right way to do it. The choice of perfume often makes it easier for people on the opposite side to create a more emotional image. Whether it is a casual social, a date or a negotiation, the implied effect of perfume is much more than you think.


Nine to five of the offices are the most suitable fragrance for mild fragrances. This way you can't provoke your colleagues' nose or even give them a headache because they are in a relatively confined space. Let other colleagues feel that you are happy. Of course, a business trip is also best to bring a bottle in your suitcase.

After work

Social interaction with colleagues has become an indispensable activity in the workplace. If you have time to prepare, choosing a more pleasurable fragrance will make the atmosphere more active, discard the image of the dead and not lose the professional image.

A date night

In order to ensure the next date, you have to leave a longer impression on the other side in addition to maintaining a charming personality, and many studies show that olfactory memory is a very strong memory in the human brain. In order to impress others, you need to find some special choices, such as picking pomegranates, bamboo and coconut.

Avoid excessive fragrance, and spray some perfume on the clavicle accessories before dressing.


In such an occasion, you need a fragrance that will not recede before meals.


For your busy day, weekend is a rare leisure time. Of course, you don't want to be too brainy to go out today. There must be no mistake in preparing some classic perfume that has been tested.

Summer Society

When you are in the sun with a friend BBQ, or in a beer garden with a friend, you don't want to be scented by the smell of an office or a night shop around you.

Orange blossom oil, a kind of oil extracted from bitter orange flowers, and the fragrance of Sicily lemon and Jasmine are what you have in such an occasion.

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